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Indeed and SimplyHired – A Job Seekers Best Resource

Getting a job is a job!  It takes time, effort and resources.  You can streamline and shave time by working smarter, not harder.  The following recommendation is used by many, but not all.   Help spread the word!

When searching for jobs online, many go to the most popular job boards like and CareerBuilder.  These are robust, user-friendly sites packed with thousands of postings which can be overwhelming to the novice job seeker (remember, no one wants to be a professional job seeker, but being a proficient one is key).

Consider the option of a quick keyword search using or

These sites sweep from thousands of different sources including major job boards, niche job posting sites, company websites, and newspapers.  It’s quick.  It’s easy. It’s free.  And most importantly, it’s effective.

1. Type a keyword describing your search,

2. type a location,

3. and find jobs in that location with the keywords you identified.

Keywords are job titles, skills, industries, or any word that you want to show up in the job posting.  Don’t discount having your resume posted on the job boards for passive seeking, but when doing an active search, use the repository sites like these two.

In March 2011, added the resume upload feature.  Within a minute or two, your resume is up and searchable.


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