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The Logic Behind Ditching the “Objective” on Your Resume

Starting with the bottom line:  It’s old school and has been replaced with a qualifications summary.

There are some old-school job seekers that simply refuse to give up creating and customizing the Objective section of their resume.  Let me explain the logic of considering removing the Objective and replacing it with more current content.

  • The Objective section of the resume was designed for processes that are now outdated.
  • It was used when resumes were printed and mailed in response to help-wanted ads, most often placed in newspapers.  With more than a decade since those “printed” days, the requirement has simply faded over time.
  • It was originally intended to inform the receiver about the specific job in which you were are applying to so it could be routed appropriately.
  • With today’s use of electronic posting and email response (just-in-time hiring), and applicant tracking databases, it’s no serving its original purpose.
  • It takes up prime real estate space on your resume and has to be customized each time you email it.
  • The routing purpose of the objective can now be used in the subject line of email or in your cover message.
  • This saves space for what is preferred today:  Qualifications, Professional Profile, or Summary of Experience.
  • This section is a snapshot of what your professional qualifications are in broad form and encompass more than the objective ever did.
  • Hiring representatives use this section to gauge the match to their positions to your qualifications (hard skills or keywords).
  • This process opens you up for additional opportunities that match your background, not just for the one job in which you originally responded to.

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