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Linkedin – Your Ever Present Resume

If you’re avoiding LinkedIn because you think it’s a fad or a site like Facebook, you’re missing out on the opportunity to have your resume out there networking on your behalf 24/7/365.

Let me set the record straight on a few things:

  • LinkedIn is a professional social media tool focused on the work-version of you.
  • Employers use LinkedIn as a staple to their recruiting and hiring process.
  • With around 90 million users and growing, LinkedIn is here to stay for a while.

Getting started is easy, free, and essential if you are in job search mode.  There are advanced features that you can worry about later, but getting the basics done is project number one – to be done pronto!

Three Quick Steps to Get Started on LinkedIn

  1. Get started by creating your profile with the basic information (video instructions for visual learners).  Most important is your work history as this is the content recruiters look for when searching for candidates.
  2. Use the search feature to look for people you know to build your network:  colleagues, customers, previous co-workers and managers will net you at least 20-50 on your first day.  Invite them to connect.
  3. Join groups relevant to your experience and professional interests.  Some groups have open acceptance, other review your profile before accepting your request.  Groups will connect you to hundreds of members.

Stepping it Up with Time – Chip Away Projects to Add to the Basics

  1. Use the job search feature
  2. Add your picture to personalize your profile
  3. Research a company and HR Rep before an interview
  4. Ask for a recommendation from someone you’ve worked for
  5. Give a recommendation to someone who you would vouch for
  6. Comment on messages and updates generated by your groups
  7. Ask for introductions from the people you know to those you want to know
  8. Follow companies and get notification about the new joining and offers available
  9. Use the LinkedIn tools and resources to continually refine your profile
  10. Ask to connect with everyone you meet and want to stay in touch with.

Additional information on Powerful LinkedIn Tips by Lewis Howes.


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